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The Government of The Bahamas aims to provide an efficient way to deliver services online. Delivery of these services requires interaction with personal data unique to the user of the website. The Government of The Bahamas mantains its commitment to ensure compliance with the Data Protetction (Privacy of Personal Information) Act 2003.

Reference to the Government of The Bahamas in this document, includes reference to the Ministries, Departments and Agencies owned and operated, managed, and/or controlled by the Government of The Bahamas.

This Privacy Policy sets out how the Government of The Bahamas (GoBh) intends to use any personal data collected from you when you use our website . By law the GoBh is required to comply with the Data Protetction (Privacy of Personal Information) Act 2003 . You are encouraged to read the legislation for a full understanding of your rights. To ensure that you fully understand the contents of this Privacy Policy here is a link to a few useful videos.

What do we collect?

  1. The GoBh may collect from you personal data and information. Personal data and/or information may include your name, address, email address, telephone numbers, and date of birth. GoBh may also collect information that you may provide in order to receive a government service, such as government issued identification numbers.

How do we collect your data?

  1. In order to effectively provide government services to you, your data may be collected from a number of sources. We may collect it directly from you through website name here , or alternatively from one of our Ministries, Departments, and/or Agencies that you may have provided data to, or via a third party (with your consent).

When we collect your data, what do we use it for?

  1. When we collect your data we process it to:-

  1. When we process your data we may send it to our Ministries, Departments and/or Agencies so that they are able to provide you with a government service. This processing may include the GoBh creating a digital profile of you to avoid duplication.
  1. The data you provide to the GoBh will not be used for marketing unless we get your express authorization to do so. In circumstances, where you have provided your consent, you may request at any time that your data no longer be used for marketing.

What happens when you provide your data to us?

  1. When you provide your data to us, it is verified and processed to register your intention to travel and facilitate the provision of the Travel Card. The data is exchanged with the relevant Ministry, Department and/or Agency who verifies the information received and processed. The information is processed to ensure compliance with your request for a particular government service . There may be occasions where your data must be stored.

What are the obligations of the GoBh to you concenring the data you provide?

  1. The GoBh must process your data within the Commonwelath of The Bahamas unless express authorization is granted by the Data Protection Commissioner for the data to be processed otherwise.
  2. The GoBh must collect your data lawfully and ensure that the data provided is accurate and kept current. GoBh can not fulfill this obligation if the data you provide is not accurate and/or you fail or neglect to advise of changes to the data provided.
  3. The GoBh must inform you of the reasons why the data is collected and kept. This data cannot be used for a purpose that is not relevant to the purpose disclosed to you.
  4. GoBh cannot disclose your personal data to another individual without your conesnt, except where the data disclosed does not personally identify you or the data must be disclosed in accordance with the Data Protetction (Privacy of Personal Information) Act 2003.
  5. The GoBh is under a duty to ensure that an accurate record is made of the data you provide and in certain circumstances provide a disclosure statement where the information is received from a third party.
  6. Notwithstanding, the GoBh may be under a legal duty to disclose the information provided and in those instances the GoBh must adhere to the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

What are your obligations concerning the data you provide?

  1. The data you provide to the GoBh must belong to you. In circumstances where you may be authrorized by an indivual to provide that data, you agree to follow the instructions of that individual and only use the data as instructed.
  2. The data you proivide must be accurate, and provided to the best of your knowledge, information and belief. You are required to review the data to check for any errors or ommissions.

What are your rights to your data?

  1. Your data rights are protected by legislation. The Data Protection (Privacy of Personal Information) Act 2003 fully prescribes your rights as a data subject.
  1. Right to access – You have the right to view your data at any time , provided that the website is functional and internet service is accessible. You have the right to issue a written request to the GoBh to determine whether the data kept includes personal data relating to you. You may also request a copy of the information and where necessary an explanation of the terms on which the data is kept.
  1. Right to Adjust the Data - Where applicable, you may access the system to correct or amend data previously provided. Alternatively, you may request that the GoBh make adjustments to the data provided by you to ensure that the data is accurate and up to date at all times.
  1. Right to Restrict Use – At anytime, you may notify the GoBh that you no longer wish to use the website or request to have your data erased from the website. The GobH is under a duty to ocmply with your request.
  1. Right to Data Transfer – You have the rigth to request that your data be transferred to another agency. There may be a fee associated with this transfer.

What are cookies and are they associated with the website?

  1. Cookies are files placed on your computer to collect internet log information and visitor behaviour information. When you visit our website we may collect information from you through our cookies for statisitical purposes.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

  1. The GoBh will continue to review and update its policy to ensure consistency with local legislation and established practices around data privacy, protection and sharing.

How to contact us if there is an issue or concern?

  1. If you have an issue or concern about this policy, the data we will receive, process and/or store, please do not hesitate to contact us. Where necessary you may also contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. Please see below for contact information.