Beats Application

Ministry of Financial Services, Trade
& Industry and Immigration


Looks like you're ready to find your rhythm!

Please note the following before proceeding with your Bahamas BEATS application:

Processing Time
Our team will endeavour to process all applications within 5 days

Once your application has been approved you will receive a confirmation email with a redirect button for payment. The applicable fees are as follows:

Application Fees
Work Remotely Application: $25 BSD per applicant and for each Dependent
Student Application: $25 BSD per applicant

Permit Fees
Working Remotely: $1,000 BSD per applicant and $500 BSD for each Dependent
Student: $500 BSD

Travel Health Visa
The Government of The Bahamas is progressing its phased implementation plan for COVID-19. If you intend to travel to The Bahamas, you will be required to complete and submit this application. Click here to complete the application.

2/7Applicant's Personal Details

3/7Passport Details

4/7Marital Status

5/7Employer or School Information